We Are
API Experts
Industry Leaders in our field whose
R&D sets a new standard.
We Build
  • Scalable
  • Adaptable
  • Simple
  • Plug-N-Play
API Tools
Api Frameworks/Tools meant to scale as you grow
and simplify your development process for your environment.

We Believe In
Simple & Scaleable
'DRY' & 'KISS' is what development is all about.
Zero redundancy and 100% stateless allows for a more scalable architecture.

Don't worry ... BeApi

Current 'Commercial Off-The-Shelf' API technology does not meet demands of modern architectures

They cannot scale as you go and you spend more time rewriting and configuring and tweaking your architecture for changes instead of your application being able to adapt.

BeApi(tm) is an all-in-one API platform on the providing you with the tools to develop, build, configure, secure and deploy your API's regardless of what stage your company is in; as your companys grows, your architecture will scale horizontally and vertically as the needs demand.

And more importantly, the project is based on open source code and widely maintained and supported projects such as Spring Boot, Spring Security and others. This makes it very easy to find support and hire developers.

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Full framework benchmark on 1.8GHZ dual core with 1GB of RAM